Eco Friendly + Sustainable Goods for the Everyday Woman on the Go. 

Being green is more than just buying "eco." It is an unshakable commitment to living a sustainable lifestyle. 

"Why do I feel so strongly that fashion is a pivotal industry to get right? Firstly because it is a full spectrum industry. It extends from the farmers that grow cotton to the women beading in ateliers, it encompasses millions of people from agriculture to the creative marketing and selling. It is also dependent on the animal kingdom and some of the most fragile ecosystems on Earth." - Livia Firth

Shana Bea, created Love, Beatrice in 2014 as inspiration and an extension of her Nana, Clarece Beatrice Fletcher. A woman, Shana describes as one of profound compassion, immeasurable dynamism and a radical love. These attributes have served as a guiding light for Shana’s life and now function as core values for the Love, Beatrice brand.

Love, Beatrice is a social and ethically conscious apparel company whose mission is to inspire and contribute to a growing movement that celebrates a lifestyle that is cruelty free and ecological. Our work is guided by environmental friendliness and built on intuitive and timeless design.

Our products are designed responsibly using sustainable materials and ethical practices throughout the manufacturing process, centering sustainability in all that we create. Our eco-friendly garments are more than a tagline, but a display of our unwavering commitment to the environment, the health of women and creating better conditions in the fashion industry.

We work hard to sit amongst those holding thoughtful design, social responsibility, product integrity and radical love amongst our highest achievements.

What is Sustainability?

The quality of not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance. 


Why Shop Handmade?

Handmade products are more than just products. There is love, creativity, uniqueness and thought. You are supporting local artisans and craftspeople, not large big box stores.

What is Eco Fashion?

Eco fashion is part of the growing design philosophy and trend of sustainability, the goal of which is to create a system which can be supported indefinitely in terms of human impact on the environment and social responsibility.